Network Outage due to Power Outage in Ohashi Campus(2023/9/9)

(This document is translated using the AI translator DeepL.)

Thank you very much for your cooperation in the operation of campus network (KITE).
Due to the annual inspection of the electrical facilities on Ohashi Campus, there will be a power outage in the building. As a result, the Ohashi campus network will be down during the following date and time.
Please note that for networks with extended VLANs, service may be affected even if there is no power outage at your location.
The kitenet/edunet in the Ohashi area will not be available due to the network outage in each building, but other services provided by the Information Infrastructure Initiative will not be affected by this power outage.Please note, however, that various services provided by the Information Infrastructure Office of the Graduate School of Design will be suspended.

Date and Time : Saturday, September 9, 2023 9:00-17:00
Affect : Network outage throughout Ohashi campus