Network Outage due to Power Outage in Ito Campus(2023/12/2-12/3)

(This document is translated using the AI translator DeepL.)

Thank you very much for your cooperation in the operation of campus network (KITE).
Due to the annual inspection of the electrical facilities on Ito Campus, there will be a power outage in the building. As a result, the Ito campus network will be down during the following date and time.
Please note that for networks with extended VLANs, service may be affected even if there is no power outage at your location.
The kitenet/edunet in the Ito area will not be available due to the network outage in each building, but other services provided by the Information Infrastructure Initiative will not be affected by this power outage.

【Saturday, December 12, 2023】
    09:00 – 12:00
        West Zone 2
        Urban Environmental Systems Engineering Laboratory Building (EN30)
        Environmental Geomaterials Experimental Building (EN20)
        Structural Systems Independent Experimental Building (EN10)
        Marine Structural Engineering Laboratory Building (EN11)
        High Voltage Experimental Building (IE10)
        Electric Power Experiment Building (IE11)
        West Zone 3
        West Zone 4
        Lecture Hall West (Faculty of Engineering)
        Open Learning Plaza
        Big Dora
        Mechanical Science Large Facility Laboratory Building (EN31)
        Intelligent Functional Systems Experimental Building,
                 Materials Engineering Department Annex Building (EN40)
        Advanced/Environmental Science Special Laboratory Building,
                            Precision Equipment Facility (EN41)
        Advanced Processing Laboratory Building (EN50)
        Aerospace Engineering Laboratory Building (EN51)
        Engineering Research Laboratory
        Common Facility 2 (CF2)
        Arboriculture Research Facility
        Poultry Feeding Experimental Facility
        Research Institute of Superconductor Science and Systems
                                   (RISS) (CE50, CE51)
        Center for Research and Education of Environmental Technology (CE40)
        International Research Center for Space and
                     Planetary Environmental Science (i-SPES) (CE10)
        Low Temperature Center (CE60,CE61)
        Research Laboratory for High Voltage Electron Microscopy
                   (The Ultramicroscopy Research Center) (CE20, CE21)
        Common Facility 1 (CF1)
        Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering (CE41)
        Central Institute of Radioisotope Science and Safety Management (CE31)
        Aeronautical Low-Noise Low-speed Wind Tunnel Test Building (EN60)
        Center for Accelerator and Beam Applied Science (CE70)
        West Zone 5
        Laboratory for Silkworm Bioresources (AG22)
        Cultivated Field Management Building
        Working Building
        Hanger 3
        Cultivated Field A-F
        Environmental Control Center for Experimental Biology (AG10)
        Animal Testing Facility
        Water Environment Engineering Laboratory, Erosion Control Laboratory
        Offshore Ship Performance Engineering Experimental Building (EN80)
        Common Facility 3 (CF3)
        Satellite Communications Laboratory (IE20)
        Demonstration Facility for Future Energies (FE)
        Extracurricular Activities Facility II
        Extracurricular Activities Facility III
        Center for Advanced Aerospace Engineering (EN70)
        Agri-Bio Research Laboratory (AG40)
        Training Building
        Hanger 2
        Drying and Conditioning Building
        Paddy Field Management Building
        INAMORI Center

【Sunday, December 13, 2023】
    09:00 – 12:00
        Energy Center
        Water Supply Center
    09:00 – 19:00
        Center Zone 2
        Center Zone 1
        Big Orange
        Center Zone 4
        Center Zone 5
        Center Zone 6
        Ito Guest House
        Jonathan KS Choi Cultural Centre of Japan
        Big Sand
        Tei-Tei-Sha House
        Koh-Koh-Sha House
        Shiiki Hall
        Center Zone 3
        Extracurricular Activities Facility I
        Central Library
        Fujii Gallery
        Lecture Room I,II
        Big Sky
        East Zone 1
        East Zone 2
        Architectural Environment Research Building (HE20)
        Psychological Experiment Building (HE30)
        Center for Clinical Psychology and Human Development (HE40)
        Science and Technology Library
        Research Institute for Information Technology Building
        Common Facility 4 (CF4)
        Eco Center
        West Zone 1
        Science Lecture Building, Living Support Facility
        Faculty of Science Cultivated Field
        Research Center for Hydrogen Industrial Use and Storage (HY10)
        International Research Center for Hydrogen Energy (HY30)
        International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER) 1
        International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER) 2
        Research Facilities for Co-Evolutional Social Systems